When You Experience Joint Or Muscle Pain, It’s Usually Because Of Dysfunction Somewhere In The System.

Yoga TuneUp® (YTU) is a worldwide fitness therapy format designed to address dysfunction and reinforce healthy movement patterns. The more healthy the patterns, the less likely you are to suffer injuries. As a certified YTU instructor, our therapist, Kim Ethier, is uniquely equipped to customize the practice to your needs.

Move Better and Build Your Body

Using specific poses, exercises, and breathing techniques, YTU helps your build and reinforce healthy movement patterns and avoid future injury. Under the care of our certified teacher, you’ll learn more about biomechanics and how to use your body correctly on a daily basis. Practicing YTU can provide:

- Pain relief
- Improved posture
- Improved overall strength
- Enhanced performance
- Improved balance, coordination, and flexibility
- Boosted immune system

Move With Us and Get Stronger

Dysfunction can keep you off your game, but you have answers. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a medical professional on your feet all day, YTU offers much-needed remediation and support. Make an appointment with our Ottawa-based practice today.

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