What Is Shockwave Treatment Therapy?

If you’re losing mobility and suffering joint pain, shockwave therapy can be the answer. Noninvasive, quick, and incredibly effective, this treatment uses pinpointed, high-energy acoustic waves to get your joints back on track. Applied by Kim Ethier, RMT – shockwave therapy brings relief to professional athletes and casual exercisers alike.

The Care Your Joints Really Need

Effective for treating issues such as jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, calcifications, hip pain, shoulder pain, and beyond, shockwave therapy interacts directly with tissues to promote the body’s own healing processes. It’s well known for helping the body:

- Reduce chronic inflammation
- Formulate new blood vessels
- Enhance collagen production
- Release trigger points
- Dissolve calcified fibroblasts
- Disperse “Substance P” (a neurotransmitter associated with intense, chronic pain)

In treatment, Kim will pinpoint the treatment area, apply a specialized gel, and then lightly press the applicator and begin treatment. Treatment usually lasts no longer than 15 minutes.

Our abiding passion for improving the quality of life for people all over Ottawa has driven us to higher and higher levels of excellence.

At the heart of our practice, Kim Ethier, RMT, brings years of personal experience as a competitive athlete and trainer to the treatment table, compassionately partnering with you to resolve whatever issue is slowing you down. Schedule your consultation today.

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