If Chronic Pain And Stress Is Holding You Back, We’re Here To Help.

We’re proud to offer the Roll Model Method®, a format of self-care fitness that gets you moving better while building your strength. Our therapist, Kim Ethier, is a certified Roll Model instructor and knows how to customize this revolutionary method of releasing your fascia and accessing better function.

Move the Way You Were Designed to Move

Studies have shown that working with your fascia opens the door to incredible relaxation and flexibility all without pain or tension. The Roll Model method uses therapy balls of several sizes and fine-tuned routines to target key joints and muscles, rejuvenating and loosening them for peak performance. The method has proven results in:

- Sports recovery
- Joint stiffness relief
- Enhanced flexibility
- Improved mindfulness

Bringing the same drive, endurance, and commitment to your treatment that she brings to her competitive athletic training, Kim gets you where you need to go. We’re delighted to provide a place where you can get the care you deserve.

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