Dynamic Taping Is Crucial To Getting You Back To Feeling Your Best

Whether you’re dealing with a sudden injury or a chronic issue, it’s possible to give your body much-needed support and keep moving. We’re proud to offer the industry’s premier muscle support and swelling reduction tape system: Dynamic Taping®. Applied by our world-class CMT, Kim Ethier, this flexible, long-lasting tape gives your joints and muscles essential reinforcement.

Designed With You in Mind

Known worldwide for excellence and effectiveness, Dynamic Taping passively helps your body manage movement, function, and load. You’ll be able to keep moving and thriving thanks to Dynamic Taping’s:

- Muscle support
- Joint support
- Swelling reduction

When used correctly, Dynamic Taping delivers enhanced comfort, improved performance, and reduced injury risk. In order to make the tape work for you, Kim takes the time to understand your needs and goals before providing tape to correct and protect your body.

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Kim Ethier Massage and Sport Therapy is proud to offer Ottawa unbeatable care. Our passion for optimizing the body’s ability to perform has driven us to ever-higher levels of excellence. Led by our therapist, Kim, a competitive athlete and trainer, we seek to keep you moving and thriving year after year. Make your appointment with us today.

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