What Is Myofascial Massage?

Focused on lengthening muscles and soft tissues, myofascial techniques help you recover from injury and leave chronic pain behind. We at Kim Ethier Massage and Sport Therapy are delighted to offer this powerful treatment in Ottawa. Learn more about how myofascial release massage can enrich your life and schedule your appointment today.

The Power of Myofascial Release Massage

Your muscles and organs are enveloped by a net-like layer of connective tissue called fascia. When the fascia is damaged by injury, surgery, and inflammation, discomfort and stiffness follow. Myofascial release massage loosens blockages and restrictions in the fascia to get it back to doing its job well again. The following are just a few of the benefits:

- Reduced scar tissue
- Increased circulation
- Improved range of motion
- Reduced inflammation
- Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome
- Relief from migraine headaches
- Relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms

From enhanced sports performance to freedom from painful tension, myofascial release massage is incredibly effective at delivering positive results.

Under the experienced hands of Kim Ethier, RMT, you leave pain and stiffness behind. Customizing every session to your needs, Kim accelerates you on the path to wellness. Make your appointment today.

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