Deep Tissue Massage at Kim Ethier

A deep tissue massage might be just what you need to mitigate the back pain you feel every morning, or the shoulder pain you might feel every day at work. The technique can be incredibly beneficial to your muscles, especially if your aches and pains are starting affect your quality of day to day life. It might take a few sessions, and some moments of gritted teeth, but the release of lactic acid and increased blood and oxygen flow could be exactly what you need to stop feeling achy and start using your body how you want.

Our team of trained massage therapists are dedicated to providing the right massage service that you need to start treating your body right. We offer a variety of massage types, like deep tissue massages, myofascial massages, and a variety of other physical therapy treatments like acupuncture, shockwave treatment, cupping, and more. Contact us today and see how we can start improving how your body moves. Call now!

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage uses fairly common massage techniques of manipulating layers of muscle and soft tissue to increase blood circulation to more constricted or achey parts of your body. The differentiating aspect of a deep tissue massage is that the manipulation and massage stimulation by the massage therapist is meant to penetrate into the underlying layers of muscle that might be struggling to get quality blood flow and oxygen, and also to release buildups of lactic acid that produce these aches and pains. To be able to reach these underlying muscles, the massage therapist needs to be able to relax the surface level muscles, and then apply a level of penetration into the deeper underlying muscles.

This level of penetration into the muscle can require more pointed and intense levels of pressure, which leads some folks to believe that a deep tissue massage is a “no pain, no gain” type of therapy. In reality, a deep tissue massage should never be intensely painful, but there is a certain level of pain that comes with the pressure required for a deep tissue massage. It might even require multiple sessions, to be able to comfortably break down and relax the surface level muscles effectively. Muscles will naturally contract when they sense pain or when pain is anticipated, so for a deep tissue massage, our massage therapists at Kim Ethier will have to somewhat fight against the subconscious resistance that your muscles will put up to fully provide the therapeutic effects of a deep tissue massage.

But while there might be some pain, the gain can be extraordinarily beneficial to you and your body. A deep tissue massage will not only relax and provide relief to the surface level areas of your muscles, the penetrative nature of getting down the deeper layers of muscle will have deeper and more effective benefits as well. By effectively stimulating and massaging those deeper layers of achey or painful muscle, you allow for the lactic acid that has built up and caused the soreness to be released, which also allows for increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the constricted muscle. This technique can provide incredible benefits to deeper and more consistent levels of muscular aches and pains, especially when the technique is applied by an experienced professional like the professionals at Kim Ethier.

Therapeutic massage techniques are a practice as old as time.

The art of pushing and pulling the body’s muscles to provide circulation and relief have been practiced in many cultures, in many different forms for a long time, unsurprisingly, as folks have had aches and muscular soreness that require these benefits for just as long. Different massage modalities can provide different benefits to the body and it’s pains and aches, and one of these well known and commonly used methods is a deep tissue massage.

Kim Ethier Massage and Sports Therapy is a proud provider of a variety of different massage modalities to Ottawa, Portland, and the surrounding areas, including deep tissue massages. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible massage practice, and how our team of professional massage specialists can start helping you and your body.

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